What's in the Bucket?

Sign up to fill the bucket!

The bucket is a fun way for your child and your family to participate in the worship service!  You are invited to sign your child up to bring the item to place in the bucket! You can pick up the bucket at the Welcome Center before the worship service, and then your child will bring it forward at the time of the children’s message. The pastors will then use the object as a part of the children’s message. 


Once the children’s message is done, the bucket will then be returned to the Welcome Center for the following week. You can put anything you want in the bucket, from Legos to Barbies, from Bibles to baubles, footballs and other toys are all fair game! Challenge the pastors! Encourage others to sign up and be a part of the fun and faith than comes from the bucket!

Official Rules

  1. It has to fit in the bucket
  2. It can't stink
  3. It can't be alive


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