In the midst of life is death. Yet in our Christian understanding, in the midst of death, there is life. By facing death wisely and well, we enable the resources of the whole Christian community to be with the family and the larger community.


The Funeral Service

The funeral service is designed to recognize the unique value of the person who has died, to affirm the witness of the Gospel to the gathered community of faith, and to provide love and support for those who grieve. The service usually takes place in the church with the body or ashes of the deceased, and includes music, Scripture readings, a sermon, prayers, and confession of faith. Family members often assist in the selection of songs, readings, and other details. The funeral service is primarily for the living—to help them at this time of separation and to help them remember and celebrate the live of their loved one with the hope of the resurrection.

The Memorial Service

This service is similar to a funeral service with the exception of the body or ashes being present. Pictures are often displayed. If there is a cremation, the inurnment of ashes in the St. John's Columbarium occurs at a time chosen by the family.

The Pastoral Staff

The pastors of St. John's officiate at all funeral and memorial services held at St. John's. Guest clergy and family members may participate in the service. 

For information on funeral services at St. John's, contact Gudrun Dunt.

For information on the St. John's Columbarium, contact Vern Veal.