PreK 4s 5-Day Class

Meeting times
Monday through Friday
8:20-11:05 AM

General Routine
Each Pre-K 4s class has a maximum of 20 students with a lead teacher and an assistant.

Parents sign in and children hang up nametags. There are some free choice activities available.

Rainbow Time
Children gather for a story and large group activities to introduce the unit of study and the choices children have during free time.

Choice Time
Children choose from a large variety of activities in the classroom, many relating to a theme or unit of study. Centers include but not limited to: Science Table, Dramatic Play Area of a Kitchen and Dress up, Sensory Table, Construction Zone, Reading Area, Writing Area, and Art Area. Centers change as the interest of the children change and topics are worn out.

Circle Time
Gather for short large group activities, these include simple weather checks, counting, recognizing names, numbers, and colors. All pre-academics are introduced to the children in fun and friendly activities to give children time to become familiar with the concepts with out becoming frustrated or concerned about “knowing the answer.”

Clean Up Time
Students and Teachers work together to replace toys and manipulatives to rightful places and gather for the next activity.

Small Group Activities
The class divides into two small groups to concentrate on a variety of possible activities such as: science experiments, group projects, extended literature activities, outdoor education, or large motor activities

Children take turns to be snack helpers to pass out cups, napkins, or snack to practice one-to-one correspondence, in addition to pouring, and language skills-.

Quiet Book Time
Children have opportunity to look at books and read them to themselves, friends, or teachers.

Children have opportunity to explore music and movement with dance, props, and instruments

Parents sign children out. Dismissal is a very busy time when children check their own cubbie/mailbox for important artworks and newsletters, then sing a song and look for their parent or driver to take them home.