Serve outside the Community

There are many worthwhile organizations that provide aid to people in need all over the world. St. John's has strategically partnered with the following groups and agencies in order to make the largest impact. If you would like to serve with any of these partners, please reach out to the contact person to get started!

Hopedale Growing Project

Hopedale Growing Project is an ecumenical, city/rural partnership between the Hopedale Mennonite Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church to help fight world hunger. Each year the Hopedale farmers raise a crop on 34 acres near their church, dedicating the proceeds to an agricultural training project in Zambia and St. John’s raises money to offset the costs of raising the crop. Specifically, the money we raise goes toward the $4,760 cost to rent the farmland. Local businesses donate the seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and other costs. Hopedale farmers contribute the labor, fuel, and equipment to plant and harvest the crop. Foods Resource Bank (FRB) is the Christian non-profit organization that encourages volunteer groups like the Hopedale Growing Project and 200 other growing projects across the country to raise money, then works with Lutheran World Relief and 15 other organizations to fund and oversee projects in developing countries that help grow lasting solutions to hunger. FRB send our proceeds to a project in the Choma region of Zambia, because of our existing relationships in that country. The Choma project serves three communities, 300 households, and 1,500 individuals. The program offers training to diversify crops and livestock, use conservation farming methods to increase yields, adopt better storage techniques, and learn financial resource, water management, and basic health education.
Contact: Steve BeMiller 

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC)

Founded in 1974, LOMC’s mission is Connecting the Word of God with the world of God and is directly connected to all three ELCA Illinois Synods. LOMC, located near Oregon, Illinois, has 640 acres of beauty, including a stocked pond, campground, cabins and dining hall, hiking trails with natural rock outcroppings, swimming pool, and adult retreat facility. Many St. John’s members have explored God’s creation through camping, rock climbing, caving, retreats, service work, prayer, Bible study, and more. Several members have also served on the LOMC Board of Directors and as camp counselors.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI)

Responding to the Gospel, LSSI brings healing, justice, and wholeness to people and communities. Founded in 1867, LSSI is the largest statewide social services provider in Illinois, providing more than 190 programs at 85 program sites. Forty-seven percent of the people served have an annual income of less than $5,000.

Lutheran World Relief

St. John’s volunteers provide more than 300 quilts and 1,000 care and school kits through LWR each year. These quilts and kits are distributed worldwide to those coping with war, disaster, poverty, disease, and suffering. St. John’s ministry groups and individuals buy supplies, make quilts, and assemble kits throughout the year. St. John’s also hosts an annual Ingathering, where 97 churches from the region bring donations to be loaded by our volunteers onto a semi-truck for delivery to LWR headquarters. From headquarters, supplies are sent to people in need in more than 34 countries. This year's Ingathering is Saturday, October 27, from 8 AM to 2 PM. Donations of time, talents, donations, and money combine to make these projects successful. 
Contact: Vickie Robertson

Needed Supplies
Please bring donations to the Giving Center in the Fellowship Hall entrance. 
Bath towels—lightweight, dark color
Soap—4 ounce bars
Nail clippers
Crayons—16 or 24 pack
Scissors—blunt school-type
Erasers—2.5" pink 
Pencil sharpeners
Rulers—with inch and centimeter markings
Pens—blue or black
Spiral notebooks—70 sheet (no loose-leaf paper)

See where the quilts and kits were sent in 2016.
See a video that describes what LWR did in the Phillipines and your donations are used.
Watch a video of Father Sergi Tarimo, of the Mlali Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Mlali, Tanzania, saying thanks for the Quilts and Kits.

Madagascar Missionary

St. John's sends funds to Pastor Kirsten Laderach, ELCA missionary in Madagascar, who coordinates the Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program. She provides support for 10 volunteers in all corners of the country.

Read Pastor Laderach's newsletter, Mada Matters below:

November 2017


Zambia Pastor’s Children Education Fund

Each year, St. John’s assists pastors of the ELC–Zambia synod by sending a financial gift to help with their children’s education expenses. The pastors have called this their greatest need. This helps them to spend time building their congregations and spreading the Gospel in Zambia.
Contact: Connie Moll

Read the latest newsletter from Zambian Missionaries below:

Troesters in Zambia