Serve in the Church

St. John's has many opportunities at church to share your gifts. The following are a few examples. If you would like to serve in any of these areas, please reach out to the contact person to get started! If you don't see what you're interested in, please contact Melissa Drobnak,

Bulletin Stuffers

This group gathers to assemble the weekend worship bulletins every Friday morning. After the work is complete they have some fellowship time with refreshments.
Contact: Norma Fagerland

Church Mice

This busy group replenishes Sanctuary and Parish Life Center worship needs, such as attendance pads, pens, name tags, etc. They meet the last Monday of each month in the mornings.
Contact: Kathy Crabtree


If you like to make things more beautiful, this group is perfect for you! Help beautify the worship spaces for special worship services and holiday seasons.
Contact: Shari Buckellew

Lawn Care

Join the team of people who care for the church lawn. Mow and trim on a rotating schedule.
Contact: Fred Render


This group of people create quilts for Lutheran World Relief. The quilts are sent all around the world for those people facing disasters or economic problems. Many quilters sew at home, but some meet in the Fellowship Hall on two or three Tuesday mornings a month.
Contact: Joyce NiemiMarlene BlaineSusan Fischer

Tuesday Tee Time Grounds Crew

This group performs a variety of chores for about 90 minutes on Tuesday mornings around the exterior of the building. They keep the outside looking clean and tidy. Occasionally the group golfs after the chores are complete!
Contact: Fred Render

Wedding Coordinators

Join the group of people who assist wedding couples and the pastoral staff before and during the wedding ceremony. 
Contact: Melissa Drobnak