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Noah’s Ark Preschool is a loving environment based on Christian values, upholding the highest standards in childcare and education. Noah’s Ark Preschool has been a solid foundation in early education for thousands of children and adults in the community. Preschool staff encourages all children to flourish in a nurturing, supportive environment. You are invited to stop by to see the superb facilities furnished by the supportive St. John’s congregation and meet the dedicated and experienced teachers.


Noah's Ark Preschool Vision and Mission

Building Foundations for a Successful Future

Equip children with confidence and compassion
Engage children through play and community
Empower Children to think and explore
Embrace children as God’s creation

Education Philosophy
We believe in relationships, by facilitating children’s interactions with each other and adults, as needed. Teaching staff appreciates each child with individual personalities, needs, and strengths, encouraging parents to build friendships with other parents at Noah’s Ark—these may continue for years to come.

In personal faith, we respect each family’s beliefs while sharing the love of Jesus Christ through example and stories.

In safety, we provide a physically safe environment for the children and create an environment that supports experimentation, questions, success, and failure—one in which children trust they are loved for who they are, not for what they do.

In appropriate and quality education, we intentionally plan environments to support the children’s development, meeting them at their level. We use play-filled opportunities for exploration, challenges, and self-discovery and pay attention to differentiating the learning to individual children.

In family, we connect with families using multiple tools of communication. We learn about family and friends to help support needs and offer tips for smoother transitions. We create opportunities for family “wins” that are positive and relationship strengthening.

Learning Centers available in each class every day

  • Block area
  • Manipulative area
  • Dramatic play
  • Reading corner
  • Writing area
  • Art area
  • Sensory table


Key Benefits
We model and teach children basic Christian values by providing opportunities to practice social skills of making and keeping friends, communicating with peers and adults, taking turns with toys and activities, and being special helpers.

We give children experiences to help expand their knowledge and make connections with new concepts and discoveries in a safe, loving environment. Children are encouraged to explore possibilities, question their theories, and discover the world around them.

Families gain a foundation of positive educational experiences, partnering in the education of their young children. Together we make the best first educational experiences for children that last a lifetime.

St. John’s Lutheran Church is a supportive home for Noah’s Ark and welcomes all families to be a part of the congregation, putting their faith into action.

Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a visit; we’d love to discuss our program with you in detail.


2 Year Old Class
3 Year Old Class
Pre-K 4 Year Old Class
Pre-K 4 Year Old Class M-F