Get Connected Through PLACE

PLACE combines five areas: Personality discovery, Learning spiritual gifts, Abilities awareness, Connecting passion with ministry, and Experiences of life. These five tools combine to paint a picture. Like pieces of a puzzle, when put together a picture appears of who God created you to be.


Get started!

To develop a profile in the PLACE tool, click on the link above and use the activation code: LUNUGGYTEX. Please write down your user ID and password so you can visit again to complete the assessment or learn more about ministry opportunities!

You can watch the short videos that precede each of the sections to give more background for that section if you wish. Answer all questions and complete all sections (P-L-A-C-E) and click “I’m Done” after the Life Experience Section to indicate that you have finished. 

Connection Coaches are available for those who want help in making connections. Contact Melissa to arrange a coaching session.

Visit a PLACE Lab in the Balcony for more help in getting started with PLACE! You will be have help setting up a profile and getting started, but you'll be able to complete the process at home!

Sunday, May 20 • 9:30 AM 
Sunday, June 17 • 11 AM
Saturday, July 14 • 6 PM
Sunday, August 18 • 9:30 AM
Sunday, September 16 • 10:45 AM and 12 PM
Saturday, October 20 • 6 PM

Contact Shari, for more information or if you have questions.