One Vision Stewardship Campaign

From Pastor David

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Wow! What a year 2020 has been! We have stretched and grown as a congregation in ways we could have never imagined. “I was glad when they said, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord,’” (Psalm 122:1) has never been more real or meaningful. Obviously, the Holy Spirit was at work when we selected that verse as our focus for the Vision 2020 building project. I have missed seeing you all in person each week, but I am thankful for the generous gifts of time and talent, finances, and technology that allow us to continue to Worship faithfully, Connect intentionally, Learn together, Serve sacrificially, and Give generously.

Though present times seem uncertain, we are reminded in Jeremiah 29:11: “God has plans for us—plans to prosper, not harm; plans to give us hope and a future.” Each year during our fall stewardship pledge drive, we reflect on this hope and pray for discernment about the future plans that God has for St. John’s. This year we ask, “what is the One Vision that God has for St. John’s in our community and the world?”

God’s vision for 2021 is clear, and our plans are many. We will: 

  • continue to focus on providing quality in-person and online worship;
  • increase our capacity to serve sacrificially and give generously through mission trips, volunteer opportunities, ELCA ministries, and our global and community partners;
  • utilize multiple communication tools to keep members and friends informed and connected;
  • plan for St. John’s 150th anniversary celebration;
  • complete the Vision 2020 building project—new worship center, warm and inviting gathering space, secure and efficient offices, improved entry, and more effective use of our building; and
  • spend time in prayer and discussion about how God is calling us to worship faithfully throughout construction and beyond, connect intentionally with those not yet here, and identify the best way we can learn together. 

This year we are asking each member to consider two pledges. 

  1. Ministries 2021—increase your annual pledge—or pledge for the first time—to support St. John’s ongoing ministries for next year.
  2. Vision 2020—prayerfully consider a transformational four-year pledge for the building project. Your gift will impact us today, but also help spread the Gospel and benefit our community for generations to come.  

Please pray about your decision and response and complete both sides of the pledge card. Please return the pledge card to the church or pledge online at no later than November 15.    

Pastor David Glesne

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