Endowment Fund

St. John’s Endowment Fund (formerly Charitable Trust) was formed in 1982 as a way for members to leave gifts of money or other assets to endow the ministries of St. John’s today and into the future through planned and estate gifts.

A Civilization Flourishes When People Plant Trees Under Which They Will Never Sit."—Greek Proverb


Just as those who came before us in the church gave openly so as to assure the continued blessings that we now reap, we are in a position to do the same for the generations that will follow us. A gift through the St. John's Endowment Fund is a way to share the abundance God has given us.

A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great."—Proverbs 18:16

Your current gifts to St. John’s Lutheran Church are vital, but we, as a church, must continually peer into the future. Gifts invested through the Endowment Fund make it possible to build an endowment that will guide us through generations to come and help us continue to be a strong spiritual presence in the Bloomington/Normal community.

Endowment Fund investments and distributions are managed by a nine-member board including the Senior Pastor, Council President, Treasurer and six members elected by the congregation. Trustees invest the donated gifts and use the income from those investments to create a large financial base to help us grow our ministries.    

St. Johns' Endowment Fund distributions focus on three priorities:

  1. Clergy and leadership development
  2. St. John’s missions and benevolence
  3. Special St. John’s projects 

These can include lead gifts to building campaigns and special projects.

When you designate St. John’s in bequests, gifts, charitable annuities, life insurance policies, and other financial distributions and indicate that wish to the church, you become a member of the Legacy Society. Gifts may be from living members as well as from estate planning. 

Planned gifts to St. John’s Lutheran Evangelical Church ensure that the things that make your church an important part of your spiritual life will thrive and continue to impact others for years to come. 

For more information regarding a gift to St. John’s through the Endowment Fund or to include St. John’s in your estate planning, contact Shari Buckellew.