Frequently Asked Questions

We believe every Christian should belong to a local church and we are thrilled to have you consider St John’s as your church home!

Becoming a member at St. John’s acknowledges what God has done and is doing in your life. It is a commitment on your part to join with the Holy Spirit to do Kingdom work in the world through St. John’s mission, to engage and equip people to embrace Jesus Christ.


Membership questions and answers

How do I become a member?

  • Attend the St. John's 101 class where you will learn about the mission, vision, core values, and connections opportunities of our congregation
  • Complete the PLACE assessment, a five-part tool that explores your personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and life experiences
  • Connect with a St. John's coach or shepherd, who will serve as a resource and connector during your first year as a new member
  • Attend Next Steps: Find Your PLACE, a connections event offered three times per year to connect with other members and staff and explore ministry opportunities

After attending St. John's 101 and Next Steps, you'll be welcomed as a new member at a worship service of your choice.

How do I sign up for St. John's 101?
Contact Melissa Drobnak to register for the class that fits your schedule best. Classes are typically offered on the first Wednesday of the month from 6–7:45 PM in Room 381.

What if I can’t attend the St. John's class?
Contact Melissa and she will work with you to find a class that fits into your schedule.

What membership expectations does St. John’s have?
 The greatest membership expectation is to worship God regularly and to be active in growing your faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. Putting your faith into action through volunteer service at St. John’s and in our community is another expectation all members are encouraged to pursue. 

Do I have to be baptized to be a member of St. John’s?
Baptism is a membership requirement for joining any Christian church, so baptism is needed. However, if you have already been baptized into the Christian faith elsewhere (Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist—the denomination/church doesn’t matter), God’s baptismal promise to you is good and you do not need to be re-baptized. If you have not been baptized, please let one of our pastors know. We want to help you and will make your baptism into the Christian faith both comfortable and meaningful.

How much does it cost to become a member?
Absolutely nothing. Jesus paid the price—we provide childcare!

Will I get asked to give money?
At St. John’s we believe, in line with what Scripture teaches us, that God deserves offerings of our time, talents, and treasures. Therefore we will challenge you to give of yourself to join with the Holy Spirit’s work in this world, but your offerings and how you choose to give them are between you and God. 

I have a question about membership not listed here. How can I get it answered?
Contact Melissa, and she will help get your questions answered.