Celebrating the Reformation

St. John’s is spending 2017 commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, an important time in history for the church and the world. Adult Discipleship, along with other ministry teams, will offer opportunities for you to study and participate in activities along the way. New information will be added to this page as we move through the year.

Reformation Offerings

Faith Alone: A Daily Devotionalfaith-alone.jpg

A treasury of accessible devotionals taken from Martin Luther’s best writings and sermons from 1513 to 1546. This carefully updated translation retains the meaning, tone, and imagery of Luther’s works. Through daily readings, Luther’s straightforward approach challenges you to a more thoughtful faith. Read one brief section a day beginning January 1 or explore themes using the subject index in the back of the book. Faith Alone will deepen your understanding of Scripture and help you more fully appreciate the mystery of faith. If you would like a copy of this devotional, please contact Pastor Christine.

Reformation Rootsref-roots-cover.jpg

Do you ever wonder why we have so many Christian denominations, and if there is really much difference between them? How did this “Lutheran” thing come about anyway? The answers to these questions lie in the dramatic and turbulent times of the Reformation. This small group DVD resource helps you understand the when, why, how, and what. History buffs will particularly love it. Join the Faith and Life study at 9:30 AM Thursdays in the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome.


We Must Plant the Church: 
The Story of Lutherans in Americaalh-front-cover-final.jpg
When Lutherans came to America, they brought with them Martin Luther’s belief that people of faith engage the big questions of the day. This story is characterized by the tension between honoring the European roots of the church and adapting to the new realities of American life. The Lutheran church, from it’s earliest days, faced religious pluralism, intolerance, racism, war, lack of state support, and diversity of languages and traditions. It wasn’t easy then, and it isn’t easy now. Understanding American Lutheran history can change the way we see ourselves and our future. This six-part DVD series transports learners through four centuries.

Contact Pastor Christine for more information on these and other opportunities.