Giving in Gratitude 2018 Stewardship Appeal

A Letter from the 2018 Appeal Chair

September 25, 2017

There is so much to be grateful for at St. John’s Lutheran Church! Even as we move through a period of transition, we are able to provide valuable ministries to members and friends of the church and to our neighbors in the community and around the world. This is a testament to the truth that the church is more than a building, more than a staff, and more than a place for weekly meetings. St. John’s is instead a community of believers who willingly volunteer to be the hands and feet of Christ. 

As we begin our Giving In Gratitude fall stewardship appeal, we see that volunteer involvement is what makes St. John’s the church it is. Youth programs, life-giving worship, adult study opportunities, prayer groups, BeFrienders visits, and family dinner gatherings—none of our busy church calendar would be possible without our volunteers. So many of you are willing to share the gifts that God has given us—gifts of time, talent, and treasure. 

As I think of the phrase Giving In Gratitude, I think of a pair of hands open in gratitude to receive God’s blessings and then give them away. This month we are beginning a church-wide appeal challenging us to continue our support, and even increase it, by raising our financial commitment to the church. We are asking all to pray and consider increasing your giving by one percent of your income. A giving chart is available from the link below. We hope this will aid you in your decision process.

Giving requires that we change ourselves and examine the priorities in our lives. We wrestle with our instincts to keep what we have and struggle with our fear of losing something when we give it away. Yet, the results are as significant as the struggle; we become better people—more generous, less fearful, more loving, more faith-filled.

You may receive a call from one of the appeal leaders to be involved in the process. We ask that you say “yes” when called.

Our focus is on the future and what God calls us to do next! We are called to give because our hearts tell us that is what we need to do. It feels good and it feels right. We are making a difference in the lives of others and therefore, our own.


David Urewicz, Appeal Chair

Giving in Gratitude Chart