Holy Communion Milestone

The Holy Communion Milestone is an immersive opportunity for parent and child to experience the meaning of Holy Communion through history, the Church, and in our lives today. We encourage all eligible children to set aside time to be blessed through the sacrament of Holy Communion. The Holy Communion Milestone is open to all students completing 4th through 7th grade. Leaders of the event include pastors and staff of St. John’s.

Central to our worship life is the presence of God through word and sacrament. The word proclaimed and the sacraments—both Holy Baptism and Holy Communion—are called the means of grace. We believe that Jesus Christ is present in these means through the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we describe worship as a “gathering around the means of grace.”—From ELCA Website

Parent & Child Workshop Events

During two workshops, parents and children gather to experience instruction, discussion and hands-on activities centered around the Holy Communion Milestone and what it means in the life of each child. Activities include an Upper Room experience (where guests experience traditional Passover foods), bread baking, chalice sculpting and stole decorating.

Worship Event

We complete this unique Milestone by celebrating Holy Communion at a special worship service. Families are encouraged to invite friends and relatives to join in your child’s special evening and celebrate your child's Holy Communion with a dessert reception following the worship service.

2018 Dates

March 18 - Parent Meeting (choose one to attend), 9:30-9:45AM or 10:45-11AM, the Loft

April 8 - Workshop Event #1, 3-4:30PM, Fellowship Hall

April 15 - Workshop Event #2, 3-4:30PM, Fellowship Hall

April 22 - Holy Communion Worship, 8:30AM, Sanctuary

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