Guide Update from 1/18/2012

Thrive Guide Update For January 18, 2012

Sexbusters- Truths and Myths

Materials Here

You need to know:

-1. Many 8th graders will be absent due to Unit 5’s high school orientations.

-2. Great job so far! So far the comments from kids and parents have been positive. Keep pushing for great faith conversations.

-3. Survey Results: look for a few stats below and more to come! Tomorrow’s trivia game will be based on the results as well (don’t give anything away to your son/daughter or group).

-4. Sexuality Learning Event Materials (Jan/Feb) are on the Thrive Guide page on the website (click link)

Brief Survey Results (from our kids):

83% said it was false to think only adults can commit adultery.
33% said they viewed sexual images sometimes or often.
50% of our kids said you should be in your 20s before having sex.
79% said they have never felt pressured to have sex.

How To Move A Mountain

I have long been puzzled over Jesus’ statement that even with just a little faith we can move mountains (Matt. 17:20). Really? I have a little faith. I work with Jr. High. No mountains moving that I have noticed.

Maybe our sense of time and speed is one issue. Maybe the mountains of trying to have kids open up, get along, be supportive, love God and love others is not an all-at-once. Move or die (mountain!) scenario?

I discovered this quote on Sunday morning from a WGLT/American Public Radio program called “On Being” discussing the subject of peace.

“Don’t ask the mountain
To move, just take a pebble
Each time you visit.”

– John Paul Lederach (Yangon), March 2003

What IF every time you connect with your small group you take a pebble of faith and PLACE it within the group, what if? Every time you share encouragement, help someone understand scripture, move deeper in prayer, experience the joy of serving together, laugh, cry, hug, shout (not too loud now) and listen, what if?

Every time you do these things intentionally, you move the MOUNTAIN of work toward being a committed small group a little futher than it was. A mountain of work, yet a mountain of opportunity that God has laid before us.

Pebble by pebble our faith can move mountains. In this time of discussing the mountainous theme of sexuality we indeed risk sharing the Gospel that God loves you, cares for you, forgives you and wants what is best for you.

Remember as well we are not alone. If every parent, grandparent, Guide, small group member, pastor, staff person and more… each is moving pebbles of faith. By God’s strength, we can tell the mountain to move and it shall!

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