Special Congregation Meeting

A special congregation meeting will be held on April 30, 2017, at 12:15 PM. in the Parish Life Center. Voting members (members in good standing, defined below) will be asked to vote on the following proposal: 

To rescind the Congregation Council vote on same-sex marriage, effective April 30, 2017, and request the issue of same-sex weddings at St. John's be voted on by the members of the congregation at a later date. 

According to St. John's Constitution, a voting member is a confirmed member in good standing who has communed in this congregation and has made a contribution of record to this congregation in the current or preceding year. Members can financially contribute and record their attendance through worship services on April 30. The vote will be counted by the tellers on Monday, May 1.

To further explain, a 'yes' vote at the meeting will rescind the Council policy to allow same-sex weddings at St. John's and request a congregation vote at a later date on this issue. A 'no' vote will result in the Council policy of allowing same-sex weddings to remain in place. Results will be based on majority vote of those voting members present and voting. Absentee or proxy voting is not permitted by our constitution.

Per our constitution, this will be the only business transacted at this special meeting.  

Members will approve the agenda and procedures at the beginning of the meeting. We intend to use a paper ballot. This will not be a rolling meeting. A vote by the congregation supersedes existing Council policy.

Following Roberts Rules of Order, any discussion not pertaining to the language on the ballot will be ruled out of order. In other words, discussion is restricted to whether to rescind the Council wedding policy and to have a congregation meeting at a later date to vote on the same-sex wedding policy-not member views regarding same-sex weddings.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Chris Magnuson
Congregation President