Results of the Same-Gender Wedding Congregation Vote

Thank you to all the members who attended yesterday's special congregation meeting. Your love, passion, and commitment to St. John's is evident and much appreciated. The members voted to retain the council policy to allow same-sex weddings at St. Johns. 

The results of the vote are as follows:
308No votes (to not rescind the council policy)
175Yes votes (to rescind the council policy)
17—Invalid ballots (non-members or no record of giving)
1—Spoiled ballot
Total = 501
Bishop Roth will be at St. John's on Wednesday, May 17, for a special presentation on Being Church Together. Time and location are yet to be determined and will be publicized as soon as possible. I hope many of you will be able to attend. Read the letter from Bishop Roth entitled, Being Church Together.
In the meantime, please pray for unity and healing in our church. We can take comfort in knowing we are all unified in God's grace and salvation through Jesus Christ. 
In Christ,
Chris Magnuson
Congregation President