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Appreciation Luncheon for Don and Ruth Gordon

Wednesday, May 11, 11:30 AM (immediately following the Kaffehuset program), Fellowship Hall
Don and Ruth Gordon founded Kaffehuset in the fall of 1992 to provide a place where members and non-members of St. John’s could gather for refreshments, fellowship, education and entertainment. During the past 18 years the Gordons have arranged for and scheduled hundreds of informative and entertaining speakers and programs shared with, and enjoyed by now-countless, attendees of Kaffehuset. On Wednesday, May 11, we will celebrate these tireless efforts with an appreciation luncheon for Don and Ruth. The luncheon will be catered and a freewill donation is appreciated. Please come and express your appreciation to Don and Ruth for their servanthood!

Kaffehuset is also looking for someone to be a co-host with Don and Ruth with the goal of eventually leading Kaffehuset. If you are interested in the responsibilities and privileges of this position, please contact Don Gordon at (309) 454-8001.

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